Múltunk (Our Past)

The Múltunk (Our Past) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal of modern and contemporary history, with a focus on political history of the 20th century. Our aim is to help history education with the instant publication of fresh scientific results, as well as to present an accurate and balanced view of the history of Hungary and Europe in accordance with the professional requirements and the development of methods of historiography. We regularly publish important, age-marking sources, and give place to essays of social history and the history of ideas.

Múltunk is indexed at EBSCO’s Historical Abstracts database, full texts since 2008 are available in EBSCO Historical Abstracts with Full Text database. Earlier issues (from 2005) are accessible our homepage.


Editorial Board:
Gábor Egry, Róbert Fiziker, Károly Ignácz, Erika Szívós, Leslie Waters

Advisory council:
Péter Agárdi, Magdolna Baráth, Róbert Barta, József Bayer, Stefano Bottoni, Péter Ákos Ferwágner, Ferenc Fischer, Holly Case, István Feitl, László Hubai, Lajos Izsák, Melinda Kalmár, Tamás Krausz, Ferenc Laczó, Martin Mevius, Mária Palasik, Pál Pritz, János Rainer M., Zoltán Ripp, Ignác Romsics, Enikő A. Sajti, András Sipos, Balázs Sipos, Éva Standeisky, Gábor Székely (chairman), Tibor Valuch, Zsuzsanna Varga, Susan Zimmermann.

Anna Kiss (editorial secretary), Móni Hradeczky (editor)
Layout editor: Volos Bt.

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